We will be participating in all of the Second Sunday Street Art and Music Festivals for 2023! We will be located on the corner of N. Boundary and Scotland St. Here are the following dates for the festival this year! Hope to see you there!

There are no events in January and February. They will resume in March.

Visit the Second Sundays website for more information: Second Sundays | The Best of Williamsburg (2ndsundayswilliamsburg.com)

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Kevin Caudle Photography

Owls and Hawks

Perfectly adapted for silent flight, these birds of prey are right at home in Virginia’s woods, marshes and waterways.

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Virginia’s lower James River has one of the highest populations of bald Eagles in the lower 48 states. America’s national emblem, this magnificent raptor resides in the Virginia Peninsula year round.

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Kevin Caudle Photography

Herons and Egrets

Herons and Egrets are found all along the coastal areas of Virginia. They stalk their prey by standing still in shallow water and then strike with a lightning-fast thrust.

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Capturing some of the beautiful local landscapes that make the historic triangle so special.

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AKA the Seahawk or Fishhawk. T he Osprey is the supreme fisherman. They migrate vast distances and reside in Virginia from March through September.

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Whitetail Deer

North America’s most common large land mammal. With muscular bodies, acute hearing, and an amazing sense of smell, these timid animals are remarkable creatures.

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Goats, horses and cows, oh my!

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Random Clicks

Some of my favorite miscellaneous photographs.

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Making everyone’s backyard a better place.

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